With 3-way matching, accounts payable is easy. Full upstream visibility to all requests, approvals, and document uploads, means your AP people can immediately see who ordered what, when it was received, and ensure that the invoice matches. Our Accounts Payable service offers full visibility, making vendor invoice processing easy, while driving efficiencies with AP automation and ultimately boosting your organization’s bottom line.


With us your accounts payable team has visibility of the entire procurement process to see if the vendor invoice matches a corresponding PO. You’ll know who ordered, who approved and who received each order, eliminating the risk of budget-killing maverick purchases. Each purchase is tracked from order to payment, with all documentation and correspondence attached to the PO record. Everything you need to know about a purchase is available in real time, at a glance.


Having visibility of the history of an order is only one feature of our Accounts Payable service. Full control of the line items, GL codes and budgets mean that spending is allocated and can be easily tracked and reported on for FP&A. With integrations with accounting solutions and ERP software, it’s easy to streamline and automate the data transfer process using our world class procure-to-pay platform in combination with your existing system.


Data entry is always prone to human error, which can be costly. Three-way matching process helps eliminate human errors and speeds processing time by using the line item text from order and receiving to populate the line items in accounts payable. The vendor invoice is uploaded to the cloud and attached to matching documents, allowing you to find and compare all order documentation at any time, in one place.


Automating data flow from requisition to accounts payable allows your team to granularly search, report and analyze procurement data and use it to extract better value from your supply chain. Data collation is automated and streamlines the transition of data from our platform to your finance or accounting software.


When a vendor invoice is received, it is essential to establish authenticity. “Did we buy this? Is this a legitimate Vendor Invoice” is a common question in accounts payable, and all too often it means calling and emailing around to see if anyone in your organization knows anything about it. Does this time-consuming process sound familiar? When you automate the procure-to-pay process, you can remove manual processes and identify the invoice as real or fraudulent in seconds by tracing it back through our platform, saving time and guarding your profits.


Using three-way matching, you guarantee that what you ordered is what you received and what you’re being asked to pay for. Often, a price change means that the vendor invoice pricing has changed since the PO was issued, or the item quantities or units of measure for the line items are incorrect. Our services manage your ap process such that the items and quantities flow automatically from the requisition to the invoice, allowing your AP team to better manage your vendors and verify the accuracy of their invoicing.