The shift in procurement delivery potentially makes it easier for organizations to handle strategic procurement. Procurement as a profession continues to grow, but only large organizations can afford to invest in all the capabilities procurement has to offer. We address this concern by bringing a sustainable solution which grows along with the revenues of the organization at no heavy investment in the infrastructure. The executives in smaller companies will have access to targeted technology and expertise at an affordable price point so they can justify their investment.

Procurement transformation is coming, whether your business is ready for it or not. Opting for a more robust procurement platform that’s full of technology solutions to provide you with supplier management, category management, and more will ensure your organization is set up for success for years to come. Failing to keep up with the latest procurement technology could wreak havoc on your business over the long-term.



Our integrated procurement services reside on a solid infrastructure consisting of powerful technology, skilled talent, global operations, and industry and category expertise.


Extraordinary outcomes are achieved by extraordinary people. Time and again, our clients tell us that the passion, energy and commitment to results that MG professionals demonstrate every day makes all the difference.


In procurement, expertise drives insight and insight drives value. We have experienced category specialists in the field and more in our network. Working with dedicated market intelligence and analytics teams, their domain knowledge and subject matter expertise extends to hundreds of discrete categories of products and services across most direct and indirect, MRO and CAPEX categories. At the same time, they receive timely intelligence from local and regional teams on the ground, when and where they need it.

Apart from this we have product specialist Engineers and Business administrators alongwith a strong IT team to support our cloud based solution and secure clients data.


We have pioneered a global operations model for delivering strategic sourcing and other high-value procurement business process outsourcing services. With operations across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we bring local market knowledge, global expertise and global economics to bear on your procurement objectives.

Using our global experience, we leverage the capabilities, unique knowledge and relationships of MG employees around the world. Our delivery network is supported by best-in-class analytical tools, a rich knowledge base and a network around the globe to deliver consistently high value to our clients.


As an aspiring indirect procurement service provider offering end-to-end procurement outsourcing services, backed by a powerful cloud technology.

It is a comprehensive, cloud-based Procurement platform that streamlines the entire source-to-pay workflow, including spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract management, supplier performance management and procure-to-pay.


“Keeping Our Sustainability Value, We Have Designed Our Offerings Suitable For Smallest To Big Enterprises. Businesses And Startups With A Small Turnover Can Also Benefit With Our Tailored Solutions With Minimal To No Upfront Investments.”


Procurement solution for SMBs is created to help the small business owner take advantage of many of the strategic assets larger corporations have been using for years. Our technology has made it a more accessible tool for small businesses.

Most of the SMBs have very limited procurement support, which is usually a mutual resource to other departments as well. Procurement leaders already know that they can expect large talent gap in the near future due to baby boomers retiring and small companies will be the most because they have limited resources to attract talent. We can solve this problem by allowing access to industry experts on demand.

Adding additional overhead in the form of employees for SMBs represents a major risk because of the fluctuations in business. We can help with cutting down the risk since you get the gain of the service without the further overhead expense.

Any small company can use increased purchasing power, and create negotiation leverage on their own with limited purchase volume! This is an enormous benefit to our clients. We achieve this because there is strategic collaboration in place to provide prompt savings across many goods and services, which most small companies are already using.

In addition, our procurement solution allows SMBs to tap into competitive assets most of their competitors are not using. Many good and creative solutions can come from association with the supplier network, which is exactly the place where our solution is. Therefore, new product development, exclusive distribution, packaging, inventory solutions, and financing are all fields that can help to separate small companies from the competition.

Using the best methods help with driving cost savings. The cost savings also come because of no additional overheads. Needs and technology change over time but our procurement solution pays for itself through cost saving creating no risk for the small company’s owner.

There has never been a better time for SMBs to take advantage of our procurement outsourcing in order to develop the best solutions, which can help separate them from the competition and increase their cash flow. These principles apply to practically every industry. Our procurement outsourcing allows small company owners to get approach to many benefits that larger companies use without any risk.