Muzna Group provides a flexible set of procurement outsourcing options, custom configured to meet specific needs. From end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, strategic sourcing and procurement operations.

By bringing together a comprehensive procurement services portfolio in the industry, innovative technology, global operations capabilities and tailored solutions, we can build the best approach to suit your specific strategic, operational and financial objectives.

About us

Enjoy the best Supply chain functions combined together

We have ability to deliver visible improvements in business performance through procurement outsourcing. Extensive implementation and change management capabilities based on our years of experience with small to huge, simple to complex, local to multinational organizations and technologies.


Enjoy the best technology, service & strategy combined together

Our procurement solution for SMB’s is created to help the small business owner take advantage of many of the strategic assets larger corporations have been using for years. Our technology has made it a more accessible tool for the small businesses as well as larger enterprises with its flexibility features.


We are facing a crises with coronavirus….and we know it was time to do something about it.

Its hard to define an event would define the careers of procurement and supply chain professionals worldwide more than a global pandemic. Yet that’s exactly what we have: 94% of worlds supply chain have already been disrupted. Lock downs are imminent in many countries. We seem to be on the brink of a widespread panic, but….
The executives in our respective business are still saying ‘its our responsibility to ensure business continues, no matter what.

As terrifying as this all seems, in times like this we go to the roots of why we started Muzna business process management and procurement outsourcing services. Its simple “when we work alone its easy to get overwhelmed. But when we come together, great things happen . Suddenly there is advise, knowledge-sharing, support and answer. This is what we want and what we want to offer you.

Procurement transformation is coming, whether your business is ready for it or not. Opting for a more robust procurement platform that’s full of technology solutions to provide you with supplier management, category management, and more will ensure your organization is set up for success for years to come. Failing to keep up with the latest procurement technology could wreak havoc on your business over the long-term.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is the strength on which relies our consistent and sustained results. Results which leave a legacy of their own behind us. And we are proud of them.


Having a great team in place really matters in todays challenging market.


Our technology is new but capable with its learning features to adapt to your needs.


Being Simple with a little smartness and results which are sustainable.

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